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High Speed VTOL UAV

Patent Published

Max Cruise Speed – 250 Kmph

Payload – 8 Kg

Range – 150 Km

Flight time – 120 Min

About UAV/Drone

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) can cruise at High Speed and has Vertical Takeoff & Landing(VTOL) Capability to transport required payload to longer distances.
It can transport Military Payloads like food, medicines, weapon systems etc to top of Himalayan hills and Medical payloads like medicines, vaccines etc to Hospitals inside center of City & other areas outside city.

High cruise speed

UAV can travel longer distances in short interval of time

vertical takeoff & Landing(VTOL)

UAV can Vertically Takeoff & Land at any critical places like Top of the hills,Navy ships, Center of the City avoiding traffic

lower outer volume better to avoid obstacles

Because low volume of UAV it becomes easy to avoid Obstacles during Flight Path

easy handling & Better wind resistance

Because of its design & good structural integrity its easy while handling to turn directions and has better wind resistance


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